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Wisconsin State Broadband Office
High Speed Internet Access Demand Survey

Ladysmith-  The Rusk County Economic Development office is asking for the help of local residents and businesses by responding to a recently released Broadband Survey.  Access to broadband (Internet) is critical for a community.   It is essential just as other utilities are such as clean drinking water, sewer, and roads.   The State Broadband Office at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission recently released its High Speed Internet Access Demand Survey.   This survey is used as a tool to allow residents and businesses the opportunity to voice their need for improved internet access or service, with the goal of the survey is to help state and local planners and policy makers better understand consumer and business demand for internet access in Wisconsin.

To complete the survey, please visit: .

Those unable to access the website may take the survey by calling, toll-free, (877)360-2973.

Survey results will help determine areas of the County where broadband access is poor, and possible areas where assistance could be directed to improve service.

Governor Walker created the Broadband Expansion Grant program in 2013 and last year, he and the legislature tripled the amount of annual funding available through the program. To date, the program has awarded $2.4 million and leveraged $3.9 million in additional, private investment. The Public Service Commission will consider FY 2017 grant applications in August.

In addition  earlier this summer, Governor Walker launched the Broadband Forward! Community Certification program to jump-start broadband expansion by eliminating obstacles to infrastructure improvements and streamlining the process for approving local broadband investment.  Rusk County communities can also pursue this certification.

For more information about the survey, visit


“Having lived in a large city for most of my adult life, I was looking for a place less crowded, less hectic.  …The nights in Rusk County are dark and on clear ones I love to stare into the heavens and be able to dream a million dreams and just let my mind wander.”

Arian Knops
Retiree to area – Community Volunteer

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