Industrial Parks

Rusk County offers seven industrial parks to suit a range of businesses:

Ladysmith Industrial Park

Ten acres are currently available in this 110-acre site industrial park along Highway 27. Railroads and roads pass through the park. The City of Ladysmith provides the water and sewer services. Electricity is provided by XCEL Energy and the gas is provided by WE Energies.

Grant Industrial Park

Located along Highway 27, this industrial park covers 80 acres, with 60 acres available. Roads run through the park but there is no railroad service. Currently, there are no water or sewer providers, but electricity is provided by XCEL Energy and gas by WE Energies.

Rusk County Forest Industry Park

This unique industrial park in Ladysmith is designed for wood-based businesses. Companies share a number of pieces of equipment as well as services specific to wood-based industries.

Rusk Regional Transshipment Facility – “SteamPark”

Located in the community of Tony, this brand-new rail-based industrial park covers 160 acres. It is a unique facility unlike any other in the state. The facility offers all-season access and is zoned for light industrial. There is municipal water and sewer to the site.

Bruce Industrial Park

The Bruce Industrial Park is located on the intersection of highways 8 and 40. It includes 60 acres, with 40 acres available. Roads and railroads run right through the park. The water and sewer provider is the Village of Bruce. Electricity is provided by XCEL Energy. Gas is from WE Energies.

Glen Flora Industrial Park

This industrial park on Highway 8 includes 40 acres, with 20 acres available for use. Roads run through the park, but there is no railroad. Glen Flora provides water and sewer, EXCEL Energy provides electricity and WE Energies provides gas. This active industrial park is the home of Artisans, a screen-printing and embroidery company that employs 250 people, and 5R Processors, which employs 50 people in a 20,000-square-foot facility.

Hawkins Industrial Park

This 100-acre industrial park is located on Highway 8. Twenty acres are currently available. There is road service but no railroads. The water and sewer systems are being provided by the Village of Hawkins. Electricity is provided by XCEL Energy and the gas is from WE Energies.

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