(LADYSMITH, WI) — Rusk County Development, Zoning, and Public Health will be offering a one hour webinar on operating a Vacation Rental, on Tuesday, February 2 at noon.

In recent years Vacation Rental accommodations (Tourist Rooming Houses) have been growing at a tremendous rate, including in Rusk County. Vacation Rentals are generally privately-owned residential properties (houses, cabins, lake property) that are made available for short term rental. They can be entire properties, a cabin, or a room in a larger property. These properties are typically rented through a number of online websites. Existing accommodation providers are also utilizing these vacation rental channels to market and book their properties.

The webinar will discuss various aspects property owners should consider when choosing to operate a vacation rental, including annual licensing and the permitting process. Also, Rusk County Tourism will participate in the webinar to discuss rental marketing and provide additional assistance. Anybody considering a vacation rental or already operating a property is encouraged to participate.

Those interested in the topic can participate online or by phone. To sign-up call 715.532.2257 or email and log-in information will be provided.


“I was born and raised in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. After high school, I took off, went to college in the Twin Cities, and traveled to many parts of the world like Tanzania, Ecuador, Mexico, the UK, and several US states. I moved to a small beach town in Florida for awhile after college but somehow found myself thinking about my hometown. After exploring parts of the world, I moved back to Ladysmith and found peace in the comfort and familiarity. It’s awesome being back home and seeing people from different generations come together and work towards making our small town a great place to live. I love going to local businesses and seeing many people I know, the live music opportunities at several of the local establishments, and the plethora of outdoor activities in nature. You can always venture out and explore the world, but there’s just something about that friendly small town vibe that keeps bringing me back home.”

McKenzie Morgan
Rusk County Resident

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