Post a Job

Thanks for your interest in posting a job to our site.

Here are the details on posting a job:

  • This service is currently provided at no charge to all organizations, regardless of ownership structure, size, product or service with the only requirement that the job is in the Rusk County.  Employers across the County line but within close proximity and/or with ties to the local Chamber of Commerce or are allowed to utilize this service as well.
  • Company registration is required before any jobs can be posted or uploaded; therefore, please follow the below instructions.

At the present time job openings can be submitted by email.

Email submissions at minimum should include:

  • Employer’s Name
  • Job Title
  • Summary of job opening (Description of job)
  • Application process
  • Link to website for more info, applications.
  • Date when job posting should be taken done

Email with job posting information.

One a job is posted we appreciate your assistance in monitoring and updating the listed.  Please let us know when changes need to be made or if the listing is outdated and needs to be removed.

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