Village of Bruce Included on New Interactive Gigabit Industrial Park Map

Joint effort by WEDC, Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association expected to provide state with a competitive edge in business attraction

MADISON, WI.  – The Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) unveiled a new interactive map that identifies more than 100 state business and industrial parks with gigabit broadband availability.

The Gigabit Business Park mapping project, the first of its kind in the nation, identifies the parks that are capable of providing broadband service of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) or more. The map indicates whether a business park has 1Gbps, 10Gbps or 100Gbps.

There are currently 130 business and industrial parks on the map, which will continuously be updated as new sites are identified. WEDC will continue to work with WSTA and other providers to expand the list of gigabit business parks.

A gigabit broadband connection is 100 times faster than average Internet speeds, which means businesses with a 1Gbps connection can transfer large data files more efficiently. Large data file download or upload times on a 1Gbps broadband connection may be reduced to a few seconds, which results in increased efficiency and business productivity.

“The mapping of business parks and industrial parks with 1 gigabit or higher broadband is a competitive advantage for Wisconsin and enables the state to better attract businesses that have high-speed Internet needs,” said Reed Hall, secretary and CEO of WEDC, the state’s lead economic development organization. “The new map enables site selectors and corporations to quickly determine which parts of the state have the high-speed services they need.”

“Our partnership with WEDC on this project creates a tremendous competitive advantage for Wisconsin,” added Bill Esbeck, executive director of WSTA, which represents more than 70 local phone companies, Internet providers and wireless carriers. “With this initiative, we can make gigabit broadband availability a selling point and a component of future economic development success. Companies considering relocating or expanding in Wisconsin will know that we have the broadband they need.”

In addition to indicating the level of broadband at each park, the map also identifies the internet service providers and provides direct contact information for them.

According to Andy Albarado, Rusk County Economic Development Director, “We are fortunate to have an industrial site in Rusk County with gigabit capability, as you can see on the map its rare in the rural areas- especially in the north.  Having broadband capabilities to offer new and existing companies is as important now as things like water and sewer, reliable electric, fire protection and a skilled workforce – it is simply expected.  A gigabit is the new minimum standard, and we’d like to see providers in other areas of the County  rollout equivalent or greater service in the near future.  Bruce Telephone’s commitment to upgrading technology and building out a fiber network is a great example for others.”

Mike Newman, Village of Bruce President, echoed those comments, “Having gigabit technology is a positive for our community.  Our location, at the intersection of Highways 8 & 40, along with access to the Canadian National Railroad, puts the Village of Bruce Industrial Park in a good geographic location for prospective businesses to move into.  More than 5,000 vehicles per day travel through on Highway 8.  A well traveled highway, a top notch railroad and gigabit technology provide us with a great potential for expansion.  The Village is thankful to the Bruce Telephone Company for its progressive thinking in installing this technology

The business park information is included at, WEDC’s free online search tool for businesses looking to relocate to or expand in Wisconsin. The interactive map provides company executives and site selectors with comprehensive information for making business expansion decisions in Wisconsin, including commercial real estate data, demographic breakdowns, community details, lists of buildings available for sale or lease, and information on the local workforce.

Access to high-speed Internet service is increasingly becoming a major factor among site selectors or corporations in deciding where to relocate or expand. In a 2008 ranking of top site selection criteria by Area Development Magazine, broadband ranked as the 21st most important consideration in such decisions. By 2013, broadband ranked fifth highest. A similar study of site selectors conducted by Site Selection Magazine found that 55 percent of site selectors request information about broadband as part of a standard site survey, while 40 percent of location decisions involve specific broadband speed requirements.

“Bruce Telephone Company has always strived to offer high speed and reliable internet service to the Village of Bruce and its surrounding areas”, stated John Manosky, owner.  “Our company already offers fiber to the home in many areas and delivers gigabit service to the Bruce Public School.  This is why offering Gigabit service to the industrial park is an essential part of Bruce Telephone Company’s mission to provide high speed, high quality internet to its customers.”

“Faster broadband options are a higher priority for today’s business customers,” Esbeck explained. “Although many companies can operate efficiently with lower speeds, the infrastructure required to provide a 1Gbps connection requires a fiber backbone optic cable and high-quality, cutting-edge electronics, providing a quality platform for future growth. WSTA members have broadband networks that can handle current and future demands.”


“…there have been opportunities to expand both our facility and our workforce, during which time we worked with various county entities and received the support we needed. While business has its highs and lows, what has been stable for us in Rusk County has been a dependable, dedicated work force with a strong work ethic. In addition, it’s been a wonderful place to call home with quality schools, services and a safe place to raise a family.”.”

Bev Dukerschein, Owner – Vice President
Artisans, Inc., Glen Flora, WI

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