Wanted: Rusk County Photos

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We are putting a call out to area amateur and professional photographers, to help us procure photos that we can use to promote the area.  We’ve made a list of the types of photos we think are the most important to have in our photo library. This list includes activities, attractions, events and other things we want to emphasize in the marketing plan. Feel free to provide photos outside this wishlist if there are other topics you would like to see promoted.

Please keep in mind a few general rules when selecting or taking photos. Only high-quality photos can be used in marketing. Generally, amateurish or awkward photos do not work in advertising pieces, although candid shots can work when done appropriately. Overly staged photos do not work well, although some of the very best photos involve some initial preparation and staging. Consider both wide angle shots and close ups.

Photos of people’s backs and posteriors are not compelling. Smiling faces and people engaged in various activities are what engage travelers more than anything else. A beautiful landscape is fine, but if that same landscape also includes one or more people, it is twenty times more effective in translating the beauty of the Rusk County area. In general, travelers want to see people engaging in the same activities that they would engage in. It’s also important to remember we promote Rusk County Tourism all year-long, so we do need photos for every season.

On the back we have provided some mock-up ad examples to show the types of photos we are looking for.

Finally, whenever possible, please provide photographer credit, location info, a description and any other information you have.

At this time we will provide photographer credit and recognition in exchange for photos.  We will consider compensation on a case-by-case basis for high-quality, unique, or hard to obtain photos.

Images are the foundation for all good marketing. Thanks for taking the time to help improve our photo library.

For more information and to submit images contact Andy at 715.532.2257 or


*ATV (ATVer must wear helmet)
*Biking (biker must wear helmet)
*Cross-country skiing
*Downhill skiing
Farmers Market
*Fishing (w/families/kids)
*Horseback riding
*Museums (preferably w/people in photo)
*Northland Mardi Gras
*Rock climbing
*Snow tubing
*Camping / Campfire
Dining (indoor & outdoor)
Historical photos
*Ice fishing
Ice skating
Lakes/rivers (please label if possible)
Lodging (room, building w/signage)
Shopping (indoor & outdoor)
Trails (please label if possible)
Community Festivals

*Indicates photos of highest priorityAd_Mocks8 Ad_Mocks4 Banner_Mocks1 Ad_Mocks2v2 Ad_Mocks3v2



“Having lived in a large city for most of my adult life, I was looking for a place less crowded, less hectic.  …The nights in Rusk County are dark and on clear ones I love to stare into the heavens and be able to dream a million dreams and just let my mind wander.”

Arian Knops
Retiree to area – Community Volunteer

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