Guidance from State on reopening procedures

Governor Tony Evers announced small retailers can now reopen, the latest relaxation of his stay-at-home order dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some small shops had balked at seeing big-box retailers continue to operate while they had been forced to shut down since March 25. The new order allows all standalone or strip-mall retail stores to offer in-person shopping, but with a limit of five customers in the store at a time. The new order, which goes into effect immediately, also allows drive-in movie theaters to open.

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The Evers administration released best practices and safety tips to minimize the spread of COVID-19 once businesses are allowed to reopen.

The general advice included making sure employees who are sick stay home, ensuring workers have access to sanitizes and personal protection equipment when appropriate, and curtailing business travel. The guidelines also included industry-specific recommendations:

*bars should leave two stools empty between customers who aren’t in the same party.

*companies should consider suspending coffee service.

*gyms should keep closed basketball courts and other areas where physical contact sports occur.

*movie theaters should leave at least two empty seats between groups, while limiting household groups to no more than six people.

Guidelines for outdoor recreation and gatherings were marked “coming soon.”

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Travel safer with some guidance for Rusk County residents and visitors.


COVID-19 Press Release 05.15.2020

Rusk County Public Health Department is offering guidance related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will not be issuing any orders at this time. We acknowledge that this situation is ever changing and may require future orders to control the transmission of the virus throughout our community. Rusk County Public Health will continue to monitor the situation. As always, the health and safety of all residents in Rusk County is our highest priority so please remember, “the order is gone, the virus is not”.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Health Department asks that community members voluntarily follow the same guidance that has been given over the past two….. Covid-19 Press Release Guidance 05.15.2020

Preparing to Reopen Safely, Responsibly and Confidently

Revised May 15, 2020

Business-Toolkit Second Addition

Below are resources for general businesses including how to protect your staff, patrons and how to best control your environment.

Keep Safe from COVID-19 

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Reopen Guidelines


“I was born and raised in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. After high school, I took off, went to college in the Twin Cities, and traveled to many parts of the world like Tanzania, Ecuador, Mexico, the UK, and several US states. I moved to a small beach town in Florida for awhile after college but somehow found myself thinking about my hometown. After exploring parts of the world, I moved back to Ladysmith and found peace in the comfort and familiarity. It’s awesome being back home and seeing people from different generations come together and work towards making our small town a great place to live. I love going to local businesses and seeing many people I know, the live music opportunities at several of the local establishments, and the plethora of outdoor activities in nature. You can always venture out and explore the world, but there’s just something about that friendly small town vibe that keeps bringing me back home.”

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