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WEDC is pleased to announce a new digital platform with resources, information and inspiration to help Wisconsin businesses and communities facing economic challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Focus Forward serves as an online one-stop shop for state, federal and other funding and operational assistance programs, while also providing up-to-date information through multimedia formats.

Focus Forward will provide:

-Up-to-date information on financial and operational assistance programs from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and other state and federal partners

-Livestream events and videos that break down complex topics to help you understand and overcome the challenges the pandemic poses for you, your business and your community

-Podcast episodes that connect business and community leaders and other Wisconsin “doers” in conversations featuring actionable advice and valuable perspectives

-Answers to your questions about the evolving guidance related to COVID-19, such as essential and non-essential business designations, best practices for virtual operations, and parameters for safely reopening

WEDC is here to help. They created Focus Forward to streamline and simplify the flow of information on COVID-19 recovery, while delving deep into complex topics that require more explanation and featuring the stories of real Wisconsin business owners so you can learn from their ideas and experiences. They hope you’ll engage with Focus Forward and subscribe to receive updates as new resources are posted.



“I was born and raised in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. After high school, I took off, went to college in the Twin Cities, and traveled to many parts of the world like Tanzania, Ecuador, Mexico, the UK, and several US states. I moved to a small beach town in Florida for awhile after college but somehow found myself thinking about my hometown. After exploring parts of the world, I moved back to Ladysmith and found peace in the comfort and familiarity. It’s awesome being back home and seeing people from different generations come together and work towards making our small town a great place to live. I love going to local businesses and seeing many people I know, the live music opportunities at several of the local establishments, and the plethora of outdoor activities in nature. You can always venture out and explore the world, but there’s just something about that friendly small town vibe that keeps bringing me back home.”

McKenzie Morgan
Rusk County Resident

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