With the funds to fuel your business plan, your future looks bright in Rusk County. Start-ups or expanding businesses have access to a number of funding options. Contact us for more information about any of these funding options.

Local Funds

Rusk County offers a revolving loan fund available to small businesses for start up and expansion purposes. The program offers financing assistance to businesses looking at capital equipment purchases and expansion. The loans are offered below or at market interest rates, making the programs attractive to local businesses.

Northwest Wisconsin Business Development Corporation

The Northwest Wisconsin Business Development Corporation manages three revolving loan funds and a technology seed fund. The funds partially fill the gap in private capital markets for long-term fixed rate financing. The technology seed fund can be used to complete research and development activities and validate the technology, file patents and copyright, and develop prototypes.

Northwest Regional Economic Development Fund

The Northwest Regional Economic Development Fund consolidates 22 local revolving loan funds in the 10-county northwest Wisconsin region. This state-local initiative effort makes Economic Development Funds available for local efforts. The regional fund will provide money for a wider range of projects, streamline the application and administration process and remove the current capitalization limits placed on communities.

Wisconsin Rural Enterprise Fund, LLC

This community-based venture capital (equity) fund was established by the Wisconsin Business Innovation Corporation. The fund was formed to create a capital fund that would provide self-sustaining, moderate growth through financial investments made in rural businesses. Technology intensive businesses, which have the potential to create high-wage jobs in rural areas, are the targeted business. Currently, it is the only community-based venture capital fund in northwest Wisconsin.

State Funding Options

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation offers a variety of programs to help you fund your business. Visit for more information.

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