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Last week the Small Business Administration notified banks that the agency has setup and is in the process of testing its own online, consumer-facing PPP Loan forgiveness portal. Rather than forcing borrowers to apply for forgiveness through banks, the SBA forgiveness portal will accept applications from small borrowers with PPP loans of $150,000 or less directly in a format that officials estimate will take businesses just a few minutes to go through. Banks have to alert the SBA that they want to “opt-in” and allow their PPP loan borrowers to use the SBA PPP loan forgiveness portal. If a bank does not opt-in to utilize the portal, then borrowers with PPP loans from that bank need to go directly to that bank and follow the banks process to get their PPP loan forgiven. 

The PPP Direct Forgiveness Application portal is open starting Wednesday, August 4th. As of August 2nd, the SBA has identified over 26,000 borrowers in Wisconsin whose lenders have opted into the direct forgiveness portal. We were told that as of August 1st, about 25 Wisconsin banks and credit unions have opted in. These have been mostly small banks and credit unions. We expect the list will grow quickly with more banks opting in. While the SBA provides a list of the banks that have opted in on its website at the link below, as of August 3rd, the link just lists bank names and no other information as to the state or location of the bank.

There is no need to “rush” to use the portal as the SBA PPP Direct Forgiveness Portal will remain open for as long as needed until the PPP loan forgiveness period expires some time next year. You can apply for both First Draw and Second Draw PPP loan forgiveness through the portal as long as your lender has “opted in”.

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