WHEDA Financial Resources Seminar

Click on the links below to view financial resources as well as the presentations and agendas for our WHEDA event that was held in early March.


Rusk County Forum Agendas 3-3-20.docx

BCD_General Presentation_2020 condensed

DOA Rusk County Presentation – WHEDA 3-12-20.pptx

ladysmith presentation 3.12.2020.pptx

NMTC Presentation (generic).pptx

NMTC Presentation for Rusk County.pptx

NWRPC Rusk County Forum 3-12-20.pptx

RC Resource Forum 2020.pptx

RD PP 101.pptx

RD PP guaranteed programs 101.pptx

Rusk County Forum Presentation.pptx

Rusk County WHEDA Forum.pptx

Rusk Lender Forum.pptx

The RLF Program Forward Rusk Co

Visit this link for some helpful resources focusing on assistance programs for small businesses:


“Having lived in a large city for most of my adult life, I was looking for a place less crowded, less hectic.  …The nights in Rusk County are dark and on clear ones I love to stare into the heavens and be able to dream a million dreams and just let my mind wander.”

Arian Knops
Retiree to area – Community Volunteer

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